Embedded Finance

For Ad Tech Companies, E-commerce Platforms and other Digital Marketplaces

Offer your customers market leading payment terms.

Use our Payment Accelerator to offer your customers best in class payment terms, customised to your specific requirements.

Benefits / Features

Market leading payment terms

Revving’s integrations with most demand sources automatically capture your customers’ sales data at source so that they can instantly access advances against sales revenues before an invoice is raised.

They’ll receive payment within days, not weeks or months.

Flexible solution

Use as a standalone product, or integrate it into your platform to optimise customer experience,
adapt pricing, tailor to your customers’ needs.

User-friendly client experience

Using our intuitive online portal, your customers can customise their solution, select and request advances and view all revenue and collections reporting in one place. With data rich reporting, to ensure full visibility and transparency of the advance process for you and your customers.

Minimal disruption

Works alongside your existing payments and collections processes to minimise business and partner disruption.

Innovative currency management tools

Access for your customers to market leading FX rates and eliminate FX risk through intelligent hedging. Collect and pay out in over 29 major currencies.

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